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When you have professional help to guide you through it, a divorce does not have to be stressful or exasperating. There is an alternative to the traditional hostile court process. Many couples utilize divorce mediation services. They realize a neutral third-party mediator can help them come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial to both people. Couples also appreciate the fact that an amicable agreement can usually be found quite quickly and is a lot more cost effective than litigation and family court. The mediation process also enables separating couples to discuss and agree upon major issues such as child and/or spousal support, parenting plans, retirements, fair division of assets and property, and much more. Mediation provides a platform for both parties to work out their differences in private without attorneys and in a confidential and dignified manner.

The Positive Solutions Uxbridge team will assist you every step of the way in coming to a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediators will facilitate open communication in an attempt to reveal what is most important to each party and how to work together to achieve the same goal of a fair and satisfactory settlement.

Divorcing couples will experience a “win-win” end result when taking advantage of the experience, knowledge, and resources of professional mediators. The mediation process is successful because it is not complete until both spouses are satisfied with the outcome. The entire process is designed to be fair to both people, and finalization of the legally binding document is only done when both parties are confident about the settlement. Mediators recommend that spouses communicate openly with each other in a dignified, responsible manner, while attempting to achieve a common goal.

Positive Solutions offers expert consultation in matters regarding finance, equalization of property, child and/or spousal support, parenting plans, and much more. Please search our website for the topics important and relevant to your situation and contact us for further information. Our team at Positive Solutions Divorce Services of Uxbridge looks forward to offering assistance.

We offer a free confidential phone consultation, or locate the package that is right for you and come in for your first appointment to get started right away. We are certain you will be pleased and relieved to know that positive solutions await you.

Contact us or to save time, review our services and packages now, and schedule your first consultation now.

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