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What is Divorce Mediation?

The process by which a neutral third party assists couples to reach an agreement on issues relating to their separation including: support payments, the division of property, parenting time and decision making, and any other family-related issues. The Benefits of Divorce Mediation: family and divorce mediation services in Ontario.


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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Step 1

Introductory Meeting

A free, 30-minute, joint, online consultation with a professional and experience divorce mediator.

Step 2

Individual Meeting

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with your mediator.

Step 3

Joint Mediation Session

Joint meetings to discuss financial, parenting, support and more.

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The traditional legal process is adversarial by design. It is based on a win-lose outcome and is extremely stressful.

Through mediation, we will guide you towards an agreement that works for you and your family so you can start moving forward, AND STAY OUT OF COURT.

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Positive Solutions Divorce Services® is celebrating over 15 years in business! We began our journey in 2008 and have had the pleasure of guiding thousands of couples through the difficult and emotional divorce process.

By utilizing our expertise in family law matters, conflict resolution and communication, we have provided amicable solutions for couples and their families.  We have saved clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees, reduced stress and helped them create mutually acceptable Agreements.

Thank you to our clients, our dedicated team, and our colleagues for your continuous support and collaboration in our journey towards success. We remain committed to continue providing exceptional mediation services for separating couples.

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