Online Mediation Services for Separating Couples in Ontario


Our Mission

At Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, it is our mission to simplify the divorce process so separating couples can move on with their lives. We help couples through the decision-making process and provide them with a Separation Agreement in a timely manner, saving them thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees.

We obtain feedback from every one of our clients so we can improve our process. We also partner with leading professionals in our industry so we can offer our clients the best possible resources and outcomes.

We continuously provide education to the public on the benefits of mediation, through marketing, social media, webinars and public events.

Positive Solutions Divorce Services® also assists individuals seeking a career in Family Mediation. We provide new mediators with practicum hours and advanced training and then hire those who align with our company vision, mission and values.

My name is Bev Lewis, and I have made it my mission to keep separating couples out of the adversarial court system.

I began my journey in mediation after I went through my own divorce in August of 2002.

For years my ex-husband and I were in and out of court fighting against each other when we should have been working together for what was in the best interest of our family.

My life changed completely when one of the judges hearing our case ordered us to attend mediation. After years of court battles we were given the gift of an alternative approach to what was already a devastating situation. Although significant damage had already been done to our family unit, we finally had the opportunity to talk to each other with the help of a neutral 3rd party to guide us through the challenges we were having.

Through mediation we were able to create an agreement that not only worked for us, but for our children as well.

The experience of mediation was so powerful that I became passionate about creating an alternative to the adversarial system. I was determined to create a process so other couples could avoid the emotional and financial whirlwind that I had experienced.

I started Positive Solutions Divorce Services in 2008 and I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing clients over the years. Because of my own personal experiences, I can appreciate the emotional roller-coaster that comes with separation and divorce. My experience showed me the positive benefits of mediation and taught me both compassion and empathy for every client I meet.