Financial Disclosure

Financial disclosure

What is financial disclosure and why is it important? Financial Disclosure means that you and your spouse provide accurate financial information to each other to ensure that you both have the information you need to make important financial decisions.  Providing complete disclosure of all assets and liabilities as of your date of separation will help […]

Divorce Day

Divorce Day

Although it is not official, the first business day of the year is often referred to as Divorce Day.  At Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, we notice a higher number of people making inquiries about leaving their partners on this day. Interestingly, there is also a known increase in Google searches on divorce on this day. […]

Ending a Marriage

Ending a Marriage

It can be Messy… Ending a marriage is something that you likely had not planned on and you are usually left unprepared for what lies ahead. A marriage break-up is an emotionally difficult time as it marks the end of a relationship that once held so much promise that represents a significant chapter in one’s […]

Divorce Mediation: Seven Important Benefits

Separating Couple with a divorce mediator

Divorce mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps separating couples reach agreements on various issues related to their divorce, such as division of assets and custody of children. Here are some of the potential benefits of divorce mediation: Reduces Cost: The court process is expensive. Once you […]

Spousal Support – How is it Calculated?

Spousal support

Spousal support is a payment made by one spouse to the other spouse after the dissolution of a marriage. It’s purpose  is to help the recipient spouse maintain a similar standard of living after the divorce, particularly if they were financially dependent on the other spouse during the marriage. Spousal support is based on the […]

Fast Divorce Agreements

Typically, If you go to a lawyer for a divorce settlement, lengthy negotiations can take several months. If you end up litigating, then court appearances, lawyer’s schedules and adjournments could add years to the process. Most couples I have worked with want to get their divorce settled as soon as possible so they can move […]

Co-Parenting and Supervised Access

Bev Lewis chats with: Debbie Miles-Senior – Director of Side By Side Access Services This week’s talk is about a service called supervised access. You will learn what it is, when you would need it, and the benefits for the parents and children using the service. To learn more or to contact Debbie Miles-Senior, visit […]

How to Organize your Divorce

Bev Lewis chats with: Debbie Shawn – Processional Divorce Organizer. Did you know that being organized can empower you and save you money?  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current situation this episode has some excellent tips for you. Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, chats with Debbie Shawn MSW, […]

What you need to know about Child Support

Bev Lewis chats with: Kavita V. Bhagat – Certified Family Law Specialist Our topic this week is child support, a subject that impacts most parents who are going through a divorce. In this episode, Bev Lewis, the Founder of Positive Solutions Divorce Services® interviews Kavita V. Bhagat, a Certified Family Law Specialist. Bev and Kavita […]