Benefits of Mediation

For Couples Wanting Amicable Solutions


Divorce Mediation is a very efficient way of reaching an agreement compared to the traditional legal alternative. In an adversarial situation, it may take months to get the first court date, and perhaps years to settle a dispute. In mediation, couples spend their time negotiating directly with one another. You choose how quickly you want to complete the process.


Choosing mediation over litigation saves money! The court process is expensive. Once you start you can only guess how much will need to spend to get resolution. Mediation is an alternative to the high cost of legal retainers and attorney fees. In our process the parties share the cost of one mediator, instead of each party paying a lawyer to negotiate or go to court for him or her.


A mediated settlement that addresses all parties’ interests can often preserve a working relationship in ways that would not be possible in a “win lose” court ruling. If you want to maintain an amicable relationship with your spouse, divorce mediation is a better alternative. The mediation process can also help find positive ways of maintaining connections with grandparents and other extended family members.


Couples are generally more satisfied with terms that have been mutually agreed upon, as opposed to rulings mandated by a judge. If you have created your own agreement you are generally more likely to follow through and comply with its terms. Couples who have gone through the mediation process are more likely to utilize cooperative problem solving to resolve any future differences.

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We guide you through this challenging time and help you move forward to the next chapter of your lives. We have an in-depth appreciation of the complexities of a marriage breakdown and the difficulties you may face when your family unit is divided.

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Experienced mediators can guide you through a structured process to help you come to a fair and equitable agreement. Mediation takes place in an informal and casual atmosphere, not the stressful, public atmosphere of the court. We help separating couples make important decisions that are designed to be in the best interests of you and your family.

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