Online Mediation Services for Separating Couples in Ontario

Divorce and Pets

What Happens to Family Pets in a Divorce in Ontario? In Ontario, family pets are considered to be property under the law, and they are subject to the same property division rules as other assets and debts in a divorce. This means that the ownership of the pet will be determined based on who legally […]

Ten Questions Regarding the Matrimonial Home

Here are ten questions that you may want to ask about the matrimonial home when going through a separation: Who owns the home? If the home is jointly owned, you and your spouse may have an equal right to possession of the home. . What is the value of the home? Determining the value of the home […]

Tips to Avoid a Messy Divorce

Divorce can be a challenging and emotional process, but there are steps you can take to help avoid a messy divorce. Here are some tips: Consider alternative dispute resolution: Mediation can be an effective alternative to a contentious divorce. Mediation involves working with a neutral third party to reach an agreement on issues such as […]

Preparing for your Separation

Preparing for your Separation

What do I need to do to prepare for my separation? Preparing for your separation can feel overwhelming, however, taking some steps ahead of time can help you feel more in control of the situation. Here are some things you may want to consider when preparing for a separation: Gather important documents: Make copies of […]

Financial Disclosure

Financial disclosure

What is financial disclosure and why is it important? Financial Disclosure means that you and your spouse provide accurate financial information to each other to ensure that you both have the information you need to make important financial decisions.  Providing complete disclosure of all assets and liabilities as of your date of separation will help […]

Co-Parenting and Supervised Access

Co-Parenting and Supervised Access

Bev Lewis chats with: Debbie Miles-Senior – Director of Side By Side Access Services This week’s talk is about a service called supervised access. You will learn what it is, when you would need it, and the benefits for the parents and children using the service. To learn more or to contact Debbie Miles-Senior, visit […]

How to Organize your Divorce

Bev Lewis chats with: Debbie Shawn – Processional Divorce Organizer. Did you know that being organized can empower you and save you money?  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current situation this episode has some excellent tips for you. Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, chats with Debbie Shawn MSW, […]

Divorce and Child Tax Benefits

Divorce and Child Tax Benefits

Bev Lewis chats with: Chris Evans – President of Diamond Tree Accounting When you are going through a separation, there may be some confusion regarding Child Tax Benefits. This week, Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, talks  with Chris Evans, President of Diamond Tree Accounting. Together, they give you valuable information […]