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Co-Parenting and Supervised Access

Co-Parenting and Supervised Access

Bev Lewis chats with:

Debbie Miles-Senior – Director of Side By Side Access Services

This week’s talk is about a service called supervised access. You will learn what it is, when you would need it, and the benefits for the parents and children using the service. To learn more or to contact Debbie Miles-Senior, visit the Side by Side Website at: http://sidebysideservices.ca/ In this episode LEARN: What “supervised access” means and when it is needed. 0:49 How would parents would go about using this service. 1:37 What a supervised access visit looks like. 3:06 How the supervised access is not limited to the centre and extends into the community. 5:18 How the service has an educational and support component to it. 6:05 The typical length and frequency of a supervised access program. 7:24 The benefits of such a service. 8:25 Tips for parents that are considering such a service. 8:46 Tips for helping your children when using this service. 11:30 The importance of being committed be on time for a visitation. 11:30

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