The information included in the Separation Agreement, or other applicable documents, is purely a guide and cannot substitute for a lawyer’s skill, knowledge and careful drafting. These documents are simply reflective of the information received from you and are an administrative service only. Positive Solutions Divorce Services® does not warrant and is not liable or responsible for ensuring the validity and/or enforceability of any Agreement or clause in an Agreement and remains your full and sole responsibility.

Full financial disclosure is a crucial element in the preparation of any Agreement. It is also critical that you understand your rights and obligations under existing law.  In many circumstances, the Agreement will be addressing complex assets and issues, such as corporations, trusts, pensions, tax implications etc.  In these cases, it is imperative that the actual relevant documentation be reviewed and that the expertise of an accountant or specialist in the subject area be consulted to ensure that the Agreement properly addresses these complex assets and issues.

It is strongly recommended that you retain Independent Legal Advice before signing any documentation arising out of the end of your marriage or common law relationship.