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Divorce and Child Tax Benefits

Bev Lewis chats with:

Chris Evans – President of Diamond Tree Accounting

When you are going through a separation, there may be some confusion regarding Child Tax Benefits. This week, Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, talks  with Chris Evans, President of Diamond Tree Accounting. Together, they give you valuable information on Child Tax Credits and divorce.

To connect with Chris Evans, go to diamondtreeaccounting.com
For more divorce tips and advice, go to www.positivesolutions.ca.

In this episode YOU WILL LEARN:

How a divorce could impact a child tax credit? 1:00

Who is eligible to receive the benefit after parents have separated. 1:53

 How the benefit is calculated when the children share equal time with Mom and Dad? 2:58

If income can be too high to qualify for the benefit. 4:00

Additional methods to divide the benefit by including clauses in a Separation Agreement 4:31

The process to notify the CRA of your separation. 5:05

About the Government requirements of living “separate and apart” for 90 days before applying for the benefit 5:49

Tips on working with the CRA 7:15

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