Bev Lewis chats with:

Matthew Krofchick- Valuation Manager

Matthew is a Valuation Manager with Krofchick Valuations. They are a professional firm that specializes in valuations,  investigative accounting and actuarial services with offices in Toronto Ottawa and London. For more  information visit www.krofchickvaluations.com

In this Episode You will learn….

• The importance of using the services of a professional business valuator. 2:57

• About what is included in business assets 4:16

• Examples of how businesses are structured using holding companies. 5:15

• How a business value is divided when a couple goes through a divorce. 7:58

• How a business owner’s actual income is determined. 12:40

• About a couple who were going through a divorce had accumulated 120 bank accounts over 15 over a period of 15 years. 14:42

• About valuating pensions 16:34

• About valuation of the family home. 17:41

• The importance of having your business, your home or your pension valuated before making any decisions regarding your separation agreement. 18:45

• About the benefits of having a joint retainer when using the services of a professional valuator 20:25

• The differences between using an accountant or a business valuator when valuing a business. 22:54

• If a value of a business will impact the amount of child or support paid. 26:12

• How an inheritance might affect the amount of support paid. 29:05

• About imputing Income. 30:15

• The rule of full disclosure in Ontario. 32:25

• About rules regarding spousal support. 34:35

• The importance of using the resources that are available to you to get your separation agreement done correctly. 35:35