Divorce In Ontario
Why hire a lawyer when going through a divorce in Ontario when Positive Solutions can help make the process easier for everyone in your family and save you money at the same time? An amicable divorce is the best option for everyone involved- and through mediation services, you’ll get to keep more of what you own.

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criminal defence lawyer Mississauga


Every criminal defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. At Kahlon Law, you can feel confident that you will be released on bail when accused of a crime and can put a positive spin on your arrest. The Kahlon Law team will fight for you to prove your innocence. If you are arrested, do not sign any documents on the spot, and instead, immediately contact the Kahlon Law team. Antar Kahlon Criminal Lawyer

Treatment Programs In Austin


Omega Recovery
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As you compare treatment programs in Austin, please consider Omega Recovery for treatment. We address many different types of addiction and mental health disorders, including addiction to alcohol, drugs, gambling, gaming, and sex, as well as issues with anxiety & depression, lack of purpose, codependency, and more.

substance abuse treatment Michigan


Holy Cross Services

Find help for addiction at Holy Cross Services for substance abuse treatment in Michigan. If you’re currently battling an addiction, we can help by providing comprehensive services that help you find your path to wellness. Call us now to speak with our caring staff about detox or residential treatment to overcome addiction.