Divorce Mediation Peterborough

Separation or divorce is probably one of the most emotional and sensitive experiences anyone could go through. However, Positive Solutions Divorce Services can help make the process less complicated and emotionally draining. We handle our clients’ cases with compassion, empathy, and patience. Clients choose our Peterborough divorce mediation service for many reasons.

Experts in Our Field

When you work with Positive Solutions Divorce Services, you get expert legal services from an experienced team of family lawyers. Our clients can rely on us for either legal representation or mediation. We approach our cases with objectivity and work to safeguard the interests of our clients.

Our professional legal experts understand the difference between legal representation and mediation. As providers of Peterborough mediation and divorce solutions, we will work with you and your spouse to resolve issues related to your divorce. Our clients can rely on us for legal information during mediation but not legal advice. Nevertheless, clients who want legal advice can hire us for legal representation.

Personalized Services

We have been in business for many years, which is why we can tailor our family mediation in Peterborough to meet clients’ unique needs. Our trained legal professionals will not provide you with the necessary legal information that is not specific to you. Instead, we will customize legal resolutions to help you achieve your goals.

Various factors enable us to provide customized legal representation, including:

  • Strong dedication to our clients
  • History of divorce mediation success
  • Experienced staff

Client-Focused Services

Positive Solutions Divorce Services provides a comprehensive mediation process centered on the needs of clients. Over the years, we have developed practical and affordable divorce solutions in Peterborough for our clients. In addition, we are transparent with our clients and all our dealings. We make the entire mediation process anxiety-free, affordable, simple, and stress-free. From the first meeting with our mediators to the final meeting, we will provide you with comprehensive advice to keep costs low and simplify the mediation process.

Innovative Use of Technology and Tools

Our mediators use special tools and technology to provide the best services to clients. We are some of the pioneers in the use of technology in divorce mediation. Our legal professionals use special document assembly tools to draft separation and divorce agreements. Our office is also equipped with stable internet connectivity and a wide area network that enables our clients and us to access information available online and on the office network.

We continue to upgrade our information systems to provide better service to our clients. Our offices are equipped with large, flat-panel monitors to ease communication with our clients when planning divorce mediation and other procedures.

Client Satisfaction

We aim to ensure clients are satisfied with the quality of our services. We have successfully brought thousands of couples through the divorce mediation process in Peterborough. Our staff finds the work we do highly satisfying, which is why we enjoy the positive feedback we get. In addition, our clients are confident in the solutions we reach through mediation.

We strive to preserve the dignity of our clients during divorce mediation. Please contact Positive Solutions Divorce Services at 888-779-8777 for a free consultation with our mediation specialists in Ontario.

Divorce Mediation Peterborough

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Divorce Mediation Peterborough

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