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Family & Divorce Mediation Edmonton, AB

In recent times, the people of Edmonton have seen the divorce rates increase exponentially. In fact, the national divorce rate is around 50%. Naturally, many families have been victims of this mentally and physically draining process. It’s crucial that you save yourself from the stress that comes with this process. 

You must find ways to make this process smoother and less stressful. At Positive Solutions, we provide family & divorce mediation in Edmonton, so you don’t have to accept sleepless nights anymore. We specialize in divorce mediation that helps couples end their marriage without any unnecessary fuss.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Edmonton?

Divorce mediation in Edmonton is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator, assists separating or divorcing couples in negotiating and resolving issues related to their separation or divorce. Our Edmonton divorce mediator helps couples communicate effectively, identify their needs and interests, and reach mutually acceptable agreements on various matters, such as:

    • Division of property and assets
    • Child support and spousal support
    • Residential arrangements and decision-making for the children 


Key aspects of divorce mediation include:

  1. Voluntary Process: Both parties must willingly participate in mediation. It is not mandatory unless ordered by a court in some jurisdictions.
  2. Neutral Mediator: The mediator does not take sides or make decisions for the couple. Instead, they facilitate discussions and help the couple find common ground.
  3. Confidentiality: Mediation sessions are private and confidential, encouraging open communication between the parties.
  4. Cost-Effective: Mediation is often less expensive than going through a traditional adversarial divorce process, as it typically involves fewer legal fees and shorter timelines.
  5. Control and Flexibility: Couples have more control over the outcome and can tailor agreements to suit their specific needs and circumstances rather than having a judge decide for them.
  6. Focus on Cooperation: Mediation encourages cooperation and communication, which can be especially beneficial for couples with children, as it helps them develop effective co-parenting relationships.

Overall, divorce mediation in Edmonton aims to reduce conflict, save time and money, and create agreements that work for both parties, fostering a more amicable separation.

Positive Solutions Mediation Process in Edmonton

Step 1

Individual Meetings

The purpose of the individual meeting is to:
1. Screen for appropriateness of mediation.
2. Create your customized financial checklist.
3. Answer questions, listen to concerns and discuss priorities.

Step 2

Joint Mediation Sessions

After the individual meetings, you will meet together with your mediator and your spouse to discuss the terms of your separation. Each session focuses on a different topic such as:
1. Financials and the division of your property,
2. The co-parenting of your children,
3. Family support i.e. child and spousal support, and other important information such as life insurance, medical and dental benefits, pensions etc.

Step 3

Finalizing the Agreement

Once the couple agrees on the terms of their separation, the mediator drafts the information into a Separation Agreement. The Separation Agreement will cover all agreements made in mediation. Both parties review this document, and take them to their lawyers for independent legal advice prior to signing their documents.

This mediation process is designed to be straightforward and respectful. The aim is to resolve the situation as peacefully as possible and end the marriage without any extra stress than there needs to be. By choosing mediation, you choose a way to reduce the stress and conflict that often comes with divorce.

Time to Give Up on the Traditional Divorce

Mediation is a far better and cheaper option when compared to traditional divorce. The cost and emotional well-being are highly in favor of mediation. The traditional divorce is more expensive and takes a toll on your mental health. Mediation is a relatively simple and streamlined process that saves you a ton of headaches. There are no court fees or extra lawyer charges for each hearing. In addition, the process is relatively short without the need for court-proposed dates that span over months. 

When it comes to the emotional perspective, traditional divorce is far more taxing. Mediation, on the other hand, allows the couple the chance to resolve things peacefully without having to pay extra legal and court fees. This saves them the financial stress that affects their emotional well-being. This is key, especially when children are involved. In addition, the importance of privacy cannot be overstated when it comes to personal matters that warrant a private discussion.

Why Divorce Mediators in Edmonton?

At Positive Solutions, we provide the most experienced and passionate divorce mediation services in Canada. Our team comprises distinguished professionals who are certified in conflict resolution and family dynamics. They don’t only work based on the legalities but also on the human element of the situation and all those involved in it. This allows them to take an objective approach to the persisting issues and come up with an amicable solution fit for both the individuals involved. 

Our mediators are committed to creating a balanced environment where each participant feels valued and understood. They know how to deal with such mentally arduous situations and help the couple get the best possible outcomes. They are accustomed to turning these mediation meetings into fruitful conversations that help all those involved.

Positive Solutions for Divorce Mediation Services in Edmonton

At Positive Solutions, mediation is preached as the solution for people who want to save themselves from the emotional and financial stress that traditional divorce brings.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how our mediation services can support you during this transitional time in your life. Together, we can find a positive path forward.

FAQs about Family & Divorce Mediation Services

What can I expect during mediation?

During mediation, you can expect a series of structured yet flexible sessions where you and your spouse will discuss the terms of your divorce with the guidance of our mediator. The mediator will promote a healthy dialogue that will allow both parties to express their needs and concerns.

Who pays for the mediation?

Typically, the cost of mediation is shared between the parties involved. This arrangement can be adjusted according to the specific agreement between you and your spouse.

Is mediation always the right choice?

Mediation is highly effective for couples willing to work together to resolve their disputes. However, it may not be suitable for all situations, particularly in cases where there is a significant imbalance of power or safety concerns