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Let’s face it, Windsor divorce is not only emotionally draining and painful, but it can also be quite expensive. Fortunately, there are ways of making divorce less messy and more affordable. Windsor mediation and divorce solutions are excellent options for couples looking for a less complicated alternative to divorce. It provides an easier and more productive way of getting through a divorce for couples and their families. During divorce mediation, an independent third party meets the couple to determine the details of their divorce. The primary role of family mediation in Windsor is to establish an amicable arrangement that favors both parties equally. Divorce mediation comes with many benefits.  

Puts the Interest of Children First

Many parents opt for mediation because it prioritizes their children’s interests. Custody battles can create rifts between parents and their children. Fortunately, mediation minimizes the effects of divorce on children because they do not have to appear in court and testify for or against their parents. This is probably the most crucial benefit of our mediation services.

Less Costly

Mediation is 40 to 60 percent less costly than divorce proceedings. The lower cost of mediation is because hiring a mediator costs much less than a high-priced family attorney. In addition, mediation proceedings are much simplified than divorce cases.

Various factors determine the cost of mediation, including:

  • Visitation schedules
  • The complexity of the assets to be split 

Even the most complex mediation cases are much cheaper than divorce proceedings.

Highly Flexible and Much Quicker 

Mediation may last between a few days and ten weeks on average. On the other hand, divorce proceedings may drag on for months or even years in some cases. The main features of mediation are efficiency and flexibility.

Mediation is relatively more relaxed than divorce proceedings. In addition, it allows for brainstorming due to the objectivity of the mediator and the open lines of communication between the couple and the mediator. The flexible nature of mediation encourages a collaborative approach rather than a combative engagement common with divorce proceedings.

It is More Peaceful

Unlike regular divorce proceedings that can be incredibly stressful, mediation is relatively more peaceful. Regular divorce litigations may involve planning attorney meetings, making court appearances, and having confrontations, which can be stressful for both the couples and their children. The mediator eases the tension between the parties and helps them to come to an agreement.

Less stress on the couple translates to less tension on the entire family. Divorce can take a toll not just on emotions but also on careers. Couples going through a divorce often become distracted and less productive at work, which lowers their overall efficiency. Mediation allows you to solve issues amicably with your partner so that the divorce does not affect other aspects of your life. The fact that mediation is less stressful than divorce proceedings is a huge benefit.

Highly Confidential

A key feature of mediation is its confidentiality, which is hugely significant when dealing with family issues. On the other hand, divorce proceedings allow anyone who attends family court to gain intimate access to families’ issues. Therefore, divorce proceedings are not favorable options for people who value their privacy.

There is no doubt divorce can be hard on parents and children. However, practical and affordable divorce solutions in Windsor can minimize the emotional and psychological effects of divorce. Please contact our mediation specialists in Ontario at 888-779-8777 for a free consultation.

Divorce Mediator Windsor

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Divorce Mediator Windsor

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