When a decision to separate has been made, the uncertainty of the future can be extremely overwhelming. There is increased responsibility, turmoil and disruption at a time of increased emotional, mental and financial stress. As advocates for peaceful resolutions, Positive Solutions Divorce Services® believes that everyone is his or her own best advocate. Obtaining correct information is the key to making educated decisions regarding your future.

Being prepared puts you in the position to avoid making irreversible mistakes. Approaching the process with realistic expectations, a workable strategy, and practical knowledge will best equip you to avoid problems and influence the outcome. Before becoming entangled in the divorce process, become informed, and in doing so become empowered. Being your own best advocate means choosing to be in control rather than letting your emotions control you. Combining the positive use of emotions with knowledge and informed guidance can empower you to take appropriate action. Keep a positive attitude, do your research, and believe in your own ability to make good decisions about your future.

If you have questions we offer a free fifteen-minute telephone consultation with an Accredited Family Mediator. Go here to book an appointment.
Information can also be obtained by visiting the divorce and separation page of the Ontario Government Website. You can also get information by going to Family Law Information Centres located in family courts across Ontario.