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Ending a Marriage

Ending a Marriage

It can be Messy…

Ending a marriage is something that you likely had not planned on and you are usually left unprepared for what lies ahead. A marriage break-up is an emotionally difficult time as it marks the end of a relationship that once held so much promise that represents a significant chapter in one’s life.

You may be overwhelmed about what to do first or stressed by the uncertainty of your future. There may be concerns about the prospect of be dividing up assets and liabilities or determining financial support. You will be faced with difficult decisions such as deciding who will move out of the shared home. The end of your marriage will impact your financial situation, and this will add to your worries. If there are children involved, logistical decisions need to be made such as, deciding on childcare and joint parenting arrangements. All these factors can make ending a marriage a complex and difficult experience.

Positive Solutions Divorce Services® appreciates the challenges you face. We have helped thousands of couples go through a separation and divorce and guided them through the process. We have professional, experienced family mediators who can assist you by giving you the information you need to help with the important decisions regarding your future. Our mediators will guide you and help you and your spouse create a Separation Agreement that works for both of you.

Contact us now for a free introductory meeting to answer any questions you have. If you decide to proceed, we will:

  • Simplify the divorce process
  • Give you relief from overwhelm
  • Minimize your stress
  • Help you avoid unnecessary legal fees
  • Give you closure to your marriage
  • Help you co-create a Separation Agreement
  • Help you begin to move forward with your life

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