Family Mediation Service Peterborough

Several factors differentiate us from other Peterborough divorce services. Positive Solutions Divorce Services is managed by a team of qualified staff, including trained solicitors with years of family law experience. The practice draws from the very best in the industry and avoids anything less than good practice. In addition, we leverage the power of technology to provide excellent mediation services. Positive Solutions Divorce Services has a team that genuinely works together to provide the best Peterborough mediation and divorce solutions for our clients.

A Large Team of Specialists

Many law firms have broad practice areas with a small team of professionals in family law. This is not the case with Positive Solutions Divorce Services. We have one of the largest and experienced teams of family lawyers in the U.S. This translates to strength in depth in the quality of our services. Our team of experienced family lawyers ensures we provide the best service possible to our clients.

Our large team of family law specialists makes it easier for us to look into cases thoroughly, even during holidays. The strength in our services’ depth means we have many heads to brainstorm novel issues when they arise. It also means we have experienced colleagues to oversee and support their teams.

Niche Practice

Our clients enjoy the advantages of working with a niche practice. A benefit of hiring us for family mediation in Peterborough is all our investment translates to quality service for our clients. Unlike other law firms with multiple areas of law, there are no competing priorities for investment in our law practice.

Other law firms often have to negotiate over the areas that require investment in their practice. However, our practice is entirely focused on family law, which translates to quality services for our clients. This does not mean that our practice staff is not diverse; although we specialize in family law, our staff also consists of professionals in areas that complement family law.

We work with lawyers with different specialties to complement our services. For instance, we have conveyancing attorneys to transfer family properties and private client lawyers who assist with making wills. Although we do not provide such services to assist, we assist clients who need them.

Gone are the days of general practice attorneys without specific specialties but provided a bit of everything. Positive Solutions Divorce Services only practices family law. In addition, we provide excellent referrals for clients that need additional services related to our practice.

Client care

At Positive Solutions Divorce Services, we strive to provide practical and affordable divorce solutions in Peterborough to our clients. However, this offer is not merely in words; we also offer a guarantee for client service. This means we provide a percentage of a refund to clients who believe they haven’t received the services they expected from us. However, we have made any refunds since we introduced this guarantee.

Positive Solutions Divorce Services makes it a priority to deal with client problems to their satisfaction. Please call Positive Solutions Divorce Services for a free consultation with our online mediation specialists for separating couples in Ontario: 888-779-8777.

Family Mediation Service Peterborough

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Family Mediation Service Peterborough

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