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Hit and Run Accidents attorney georgia

At JP Attorneys, our top lawyer AJ Joshi offers excellent representation on a contingency fee for hit and run victims. Mr. Joshi is the best hit and run accidents attorney in Georgia with the unsurpassable negotiation skills.

What is hit and run?

An accident becomes a hit and run case when a driver hits a pedestrian, a fixed object, or another car/motorcycle and escapes the scene without stopping. The law determines a driver to be ‘at-fault’ if he or she fails to stop and identify themselves to the injured after an accident or if the driver fails to offer aid to the injured that require assistance. 

If you leave an accident scene to get emergency assistance or to a nearby hilltop to get a cell phone signal, in such cases, the law does not hold you liable for hit and run. However, you must return to the accident scene shortly after trying to reach out to someone, to avoid a lawsuit. Hit and run laws also cover parking lots collisions apart from highway accidents, make sure to contact a hit and run lawyer to help you file a claim.

Financial gains after a hit and run accident

In most states, if the plaintiff owns vehicle insurance, the insurance provider must cover at least a minimal amount of uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage includes financial compensation to the policyholder if they are involved in a hit and run accident with an uninsured vehicle owner. The plaintiff is eligible for such coverage only if he/she suffers injuries or if their vehicle suffers damages or both. 

Furthermore, if you are a victim of a hit-and-run case, you can claim coverage under the PIP coverage for vehicle damage and personal injuries. If everything else fails, you can file a claim against your vehicle insurance policy on the grounds of collision coverage. Make sure to work with one of the top hit and run accident and injury lawyers in your state to help you recover a decent compensation.

Civil penalties for hit and run

If you are the driver ‘at-fault’, the injured person may sue you for monetary compensation to cover his medical bills, lost earnings, and vehicle damage. On top of this, if the injured person’s attorney holds you liable for hit and run, you may end up paying a humongous size compensation to the injured.

The judge will probably impose “treble damages” for your reckless and egregious behavior, which means that you will have to pay triple the amount of damages to the plaintiff. Whether you are the ‘at-fault’ driver or the injured party in a hit and run case, hire a fleeing the scene accident lawyer at the earliest to steer you in the right direction.

A hit and run accident can cause you injuries, damage to your vehicle, or both. Seek compensation for your damages and injuries with the help of JP Attorneys. Our hit and run accidents attorney in Georgia can help you file a claim against your own insurance company and help you get the compensation you deserve. Call for an immediate free case evaluation with our hit and run accident attorney.

Hit and Run Accidents attorney georgia

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Hit and Run Accidents attorney georgia

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