Bev Lewis chats with:

Bonnie Duarte – Divorce Recovery Coach

Bonnie Duarte is a Divorce Recovery Coach, an Accredited Professional Certified Coach and a Registered Social Services Worker. She has been coaching and counselling individuals for the past 15 years. Bonnie is a pioneer in the divorce healing field, and has designed a healing process that supports her clients through their divorce and separation grief. She is the owner of Duarte Coaching,  their website is www.duartecoaching.com

In this Episode You will learn….

    • What a divorce recovery coach does.
    • When and why it is important that individuals deal with the emotional component of their divorce
    • When you are emotionally ready to make the right decisions regarding your separation.
    • The difference between a therapist and a divorce coach.
    • About the emotions that individuals experience when going through a divorce.
    • The importance of self-care during your separation.
    • Some new perspectives on being in a new relationship to soon after a divorce.
    • How your current emotional level will impact your next relationship.
    • The benefits of reaching out for professional support when needed.