Bev Lewis Founder chats with:

Darryl Glover – Family Law Lawyer

Darryl is Senior Counsel and owner of Glover and Associates with offices in Toronto and Pickering. His firm is dedicated to helping people through their legal challenges in an efficient and cost-effective way. If a client has a contentious issue, Glover Law is committed to finding a fair resolution rather than the litigious alternative. More information can be found at gloverlaw.ca

In this Episode You will learn….

    • What you need to know about lawyers from a lawyer (1:06)
    • How do couples find a lawyer that won’t drag them through a nasty court process? (3:40)
    • Watch the language, does your lawyer put winning at all costs ahead of what is right for your family?(4:50)
    • All the different ways that conflict in court will cost you (6:16)
    • People that stay together for the children have the wrong idea (7:00)
    • What does a non-combative court case look like and how does it proceed (8:00)
    • Divorce mediation doesn’t have to end in divorce (10:06)
    • Mediation is a safe space (12:37)
    • The focus has to be on the needs of the child, not the wants of the parents (15:40)
    • What is Independent legal advice (ILA)? (16:20)
    • The different types of information a person should bring to their lawyer regarding ILA (17:39)
    • Mediation vs Legal fees (18:35)
    • Family law is unpredictable (20:14)
    • Major benefit of mediation (21:05)