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How to Organize your Divorce

Bev Lewis chats with:

Debbie Shawn – Processional Divorce Organizer.

Did you know that being organized can empower you and save you money?  If you are feeling overwhelmed by your current situation this episode has some excellent tips for you.

Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Solutions Divorce Services®, chats with Debbie Shawn MSW, RSW,  Social Worker and Founder of Divorce Matters. Learn ways to help you organize the files and documents you will need to prepare for your divorce.

To learn more about Debbie Shawn and her services, visit her website: www.divorcematters.ca

For more tips and to get help for your divorce, visit https://positivesolutions.ca/divorce-blog/

In this episode YOU WILL LEARN:

What a divorce organizer does.  0:48

How to manage overwhelm and learn how compartmentalize. 2:30

The importance of having one specific area where all your information is located. 3:27

How being organized can help you save money. 4:08

How organization helps all professionals involved in your divorce.


The type of documents where a professional organizer could assist you. 5:38

The specific forms need for financial disclosure. 6:21

The benefits of an organizer seeing clients in their home. 6:44

About an agenda template and how it can save you money. 7:48

The most effective way to use email to correspond with lawyers and other professionals. 9:56

How being organized makes you feel good and empowers you. 10:32

The benefits of using a professional divorce organizer 12:58


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