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There is no foolproof formula for predicting an incompetent mediation attorney. However, it would help if you considered a few factors when looking for Toronto mediation and divorce solutions. For starters, you need to know at least the basics of mediation, and then you can use your knowledge to choose the right mediation firm for your needs. Consider these things when choosing family mediation in Toronto, ON.

Determine Your Needs

Consider working with a mediator who can suggest options to help parties reach agreements. In addition, consider past attempts at mediation and negotiation and the challenges you experienced. It is also essential to have a list of alternative options in case mediation does not work.


It is essential to choose a mediator you can trust. It would be best if you were confident in the mediator’s ability to guide the mediation process. It is common for emotions to run high during mediation. In addition, you may have to make deep considerations about the future of your children, which is why it is essential to work with someone you can trust.

Meet your mediator in person before the process begins to determine if they are honest and genuine. The mediator should make you feel confident that they will help you make informed decisions. One of the telltale signs of an honest mediator is one who encourages participants to seek independent legal counsel. Avoid working with mediators who try to keep you away from seeking independent legal counsel.

The mediator should reassure all participants that their thoughts and feelings would not be ignored. In addition, they should have high levels of empathy and compassion. The mediator should also be impartial and be equally interested in helping all participants reach mutually beneficial agreements.

Specialized Practice

Consider working with a mediator who specializes in divorce and mediation. Mediators who specialize in family law, especially divorce and mediation are likely to provide practical and affordable divorce solutions in Toronto, ON. An excellent mediator has a unique set of skills and knowledge to help spouses through separation or Toronto divorce. One of the disadvantages of working with a professional who is not specialized in family law, including divorce and mediation, is they may not have the skills and knowledge to perform at the level you expect from an expert mediator.

Skilled Involvement in the Mediation Process

Research the mediator and his or her reputation among clients and peers. Consider working with mediators with excellent reputations. In addition, choose a mediator who is involved in local and national organizations related to his practice. Many clients prefer to work with mediators with teaching experience or published articles in mediation or conflict resolution. A mediator who is knowledgeable enough to teach or write about the subject is also likely to be skilled in the profession.


An excellent mediator would be transparent in all his dealing with clients. You may want to deal with a mediator with flat fees or hourly billing and no hidden charges. However, avoid basing your decision on mediators with rock bottom fees.

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Mediation Firms Toronto

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Mediation Firms Toronto

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