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Going through a separation or Ontario divorce can be extremely stressful. However, Positive Solutions Divorce Services can make the process less emotionally draining. Couples looking for an amicable and less stressful solution to their divorce may consider mediation. Ontario mediation services can help you avoid many of the expensive costs associated with going to court for a divorce settlement. In addition, our Ontario mediation and divorce solutions can lead to a favorable divorce settlement for you and your partner. At Positive Solutions Divorce Services, we understand the complex issues surrounding family mediation in Ontario . We make it easier for couples going through separation or divorce to move on quickly.

Why Choose Us

Our divorce mediators perform many roles to help clients go on with their divorce or separation amicably. We help clients agree on essential issues related to their separation or divorce, including child custody, spousal support, parenting roles, and splitting of properties.

Formal legal proceedings consist of adversarial dynamics with the parties represented by independent lawyers to fight for their clients’ interests. This dynamic is quite normal and is the foundation of the legal system in most countries worldwide.

If you live in Ontario and looking for a quicker and simpler way to go through a divorce, you may want to consider contacting Positive Solutions Divorce Services. Unlike traditional divorce resolution in court, our mediation services help you avoid conflict and minimize acrimony between you and your partner. This is a considerable advantage because it helps parents prioritize their children’s needs and create a better relationship for co-parenting. It also minimizes the stress associated with a divorce.

Our mediators resolve issues between couples going through a divorce without favor or bias. They do not work for any party; therefore, they strive to solve disputes and uphold both parties’ interests. Our mediators are trained and experienced in family law, which means they will ensure all parties in a mediation are treated fairly, balancing their interests and priorities.

Benefits of Our Mediation Services

Positive Solutions Divorce Services come with a whole range of benefits. For starters, our practical and affordable divorce solutions in Ontario minimize the financial and emotional stress associated with separation or divorce. It also minimizes legal and court fees, making divorce or separation more affordable than traditional divorce.

Many of our clients prefer mediation because it reduces the amount of time it takes to reach an agreement. In addition, our mediation services allow clients to take control of the divorce or separation process. In a traditional divorce settlement, judges who aren’t familiar with couples’ unique needs take control of the entire process. Our mediation services promote amicable agreements that put children’s interests first, enabling them to make a relatively smooth transition towards life after the divorce of their parents.

In addition, the agreements reached during mediation are kept in strict confidentiality, which ensures personal issues involving families are not entered into public records. Our mediation services also promote better communication between couples, helping them work out post-divorce parenting issues.

Are you wondering whether divorce mediation is right for you? Please contact our online mediation specialists for separating couples in Ontario at 888-779-8777 for a free consultation.

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