Our Process

Step 1: Telephone Consultation

Before scheduling the first mediation session, a Mediator will contact each of you by telephone. This initial conversation is used as an opportunity to obtain basic information and to answer any questions you may have.

Step 2: Joint consultation

The joint consultation will be used to explain the mediation process and costs associated with each customized package. The Mediator will provide you with a list of important documents needed so that the mediation process can proceed smoothly and within a reasonable time frame.

Step 3: Individual Meetings

Individual meetings are held separately and are used as an opportunity to discuss, in confidence, your priorities, concerns and issues. This time will also be used to screen your suitability for mediation.

Step 4: Mediations Sessions

During the joint mediation sessions, you and your spouse will work together toward a common goal; to develop an Agreement that is uniquely suited to your situation and family. Through the mediation process and with the help of a Mediator, you will find ways to integrate your concerns and achieve a settlement that will work in the best interest of you and your family.

Step 5: Concluding Session

In this final meeting the Mediator will review the Separation Agreement package and discuss the important steps needed to move forward as per your Agreement. Before signing the document, you are encouraged to seek Independent Legal Advice (ILA).

*The information included in a Separation Agreement, or other applicable document, is purely an administrative service and does NOT imply any legal advice. The Agreement replicates the information received from you throughout the mediation process. It is strongly recommended that you retain Independent Legal Advice before signing any documentation arising out of the end of your marriage or common law relationship.