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Bev Lewis

Founder & CEO, Mediator Acc.FM

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Bev is the founder and CEO of Positive Solutions Divorce Services. Bev is an Accredited Family Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Bev graduated from McMaster University with an Under Graduate Diploma in Family Mediation and continued her education in Transformative Mediation through Conrad Grebel University. She has also completed training in Arbitration through Riverdale Mediation. Bev is passionate about keeping families out of the adversarial court process. She created Positive Solutions Divorce Services® to give couples an amicable alternative to settling issues after the breakdown of their marriage.

Dana Macrito-Carelli

Executive Director, Mediator Acc.FM

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Dana is an Accredited Family Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Dana currently has a dual role in our firm, working as a Family Mediator, guiding couples through their separation and divorce, as well as handling our day to day operations in the office. Dana graduated from York University with a BA in Sociology and continued her education in Dispute Resolution through Conrad Grebel University in Waterloo.

Karalyn Marsala

Mediator Acc.FM

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Karalyn is an Accredited Family Mediator with an extensive background in finance. Karalyn graduated from the Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson University with a business degree and continued her education by completing a certificate in Family Mediation at York University. Karalyn’s financial background along with her training in dispute resolution gives her the ability to use interest based negotiation tools to assist married and common law spouses with their separation. Karalyn strongly believes that the mediation process is an excellent way to communicate effectively, identify common interests and find a middle ground within disputes.

Audrey Lea

Mediator Acc.FM

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Audrey is an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation, and a Qualified Mediator with the Alternate Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario. She has completed the Durham College Mediation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Graduate Certificate Program and is a graduate of Bachelor of Psychology from Trent University.

Audrey’s experience working in Family Court provides the perspective that families need an alternate approach. She is committed to helping separating couples find solutions using tools to help you communicate respectfully and work as a team.

Taralea Scammell

Mediator Acc.FM

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Taralea Scammell is an Accredited Family Mediator, AccFm OAFM, and Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR Practitioner. She studied and received her Certificate in Advanced Family Mediation and Conflict Management at Conrad Grebel College University. Taralea has extensive experience in mediation approaches that include family, elder and victim offender reconciliation.

Taralea has been working with families in crisis and those involved with child protection agencies for twenty five years. She is an accredited Family Group Conference Coordinator, an ADR response for families involved with child protection agencies in Ontario.

Currently, she is practicing Family Mediation and supporting families who are experiencing difficulties in their relationships and those involved in the process of separation and divorce.

Andrea Watt

Mediator Acc.FM

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Andrea is an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association for Family Mediation. Andrea possesses a BSc from the University of Guelph. She is a graduate of the Certificate of Dispute Resolution Program at York University. Andrea completed her Family Mediation courses and internship with Riverdale Mediation. She is a skilled family mediator who helps married and common law spouses negotiate the financial and emotional transitions involved in separation and divorce. With Andrea’s mediation approach separating couples can develop mutually acceptable agreements in a confidential setting, and resolve matters in a way that best meets the needs of all family members.

Michele King

Administrative Assistant

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Michele has over 25 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant and Office Manager in the real estate industry and Family Law firm, Michele is a seasoned Executive Assistant with extensive knowledge in many areas. She is the one to go to with any questions. In Michele’s free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 active children, ages 21, 19 and 18. She loves laughing with her friends when she is not running her children around to their sporting events or university ventures.

Brad Watts

Director of Marketing

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Brad started working part time with us in 2008 and recently joined us as our full time Director of Marketing. He has owned a number of start-ups in his career and brings us extensive sales and marketing experience. He has a passion for technology and was an early internet enthusiast. Brad is excited to be in a position to help us continue to grow.

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