Bev Lewis chats with:

Jamie Jocsak- Pension Valuator

Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Divorce Services®, chats with Jamie Jocsak, a qualified actuary and owner of BCH Actuarial Services.  His firm provides individuals and lawyers accurate and current information on pensions and various financial calculations on divorce.
To learn more or to contact Jamie, visit his website: www.bchactuarial.ca

In this Episode You will learn….

• The role of a pension valuator. 1:35

• What is a pension administrator. 2:30

• The things you need to ask your pension administrator if you are going through a divorce. 4:18

• The reason your annual statement could different then the actual value your pension. 4:44

• The difference between a defined benefits pension and a defined contribution pension. 7:07

• The importance of knowing your pension’s value. 8:20

• The options you have when dividing your pension. 9:24

• How the tax rate on a pension is determined. 10:50

• The tax implications when dividing a pension. 11:50

• The importance of having an independent professional valuation. 13.48

• Additional considerations when dividing a pension. 14:16

• The importance having complete information and getting your agreement right the first time. 15:40

• The importance of making decisions based on your long-term needs. 17:40