Separation Mediation Ottawa

Separation mediation is a process where parties choose a third party to help them agree. Positive Solutions Divorce Services has been helping couples separating or divorcing to reach agreements. Our firm consists of trained and experienced lawyers who guide clients during separation and Ottawa divorce so that they can reach agreements that meet their unique needs. We can mediate both parenting and financial agreements.

The Mediation Process

The first step in Ottawa mediation and divorce solutions involves the mediator meeting the parties. The meeting aims to determine if the matter requires mediation, gather information about the issue from relevant parties, and explain the mediation process to the parties.

The next step in the process involves the mediator meeting relevant parties as a group. This meeting helps the group to identify the issues to be discussed, the information the parties require, and possible solutions. The primary role of the mediator at this juncture is to facilitate discussion to find solutions. The parties involved are free to gather information independently and seek legal counsel between meetings.

During the final step in the family mediation in Ottawa, the mediator prepares a separation agreement that accommodates the parties’ terms. Each party takes some time to review the agreement with a lawyer before signing the agreement.

Suitability of Mediation

The aim of practical and affordable divorce solutions in Ottawa is to sort out differences between couples with an independent intermediary’s help. The mediator can help the couple reach an agreement regarding property, children, and finances.

Although mediation is not required for couples to separate or divorce, it can simplify the divorce or separation in court. When you go to court for separation or divorce, you may need to prove you have been to mediation. However, you do not need to prove whether you have been through mediation in the case of domestic abuse.

You do not need to force your spouse to go through mediation; you only need to contact the mediator and explain that your partner does not want to see a mediator. This disclosure is essential, especially if you want to go to court and your partner is unwilling to see a mediator. You may also inform the mediator of your unwillingness to go through mediation if your partner makes you feel threatened or anxious.

Couples need to consider going for mediation whenever they can. It helps them save money in legal fees and simplifies the separation or divorce. Although mediation is not free, it helps you save money on court procedures.

Why Choose Us for Mediation

Positive Solutions Divorce Services is a different law firm because we show compassion and empathy when dealing with clients. We understand the emotional and psychological toll of a breakup, let alone the rigors of seeking legal help to finalize the separation or divorce. Our legal professionals understand that you trust us to help you through a difficult time in your life. We make ourselves available to you and will take the time to guide you through the entire process.

We are experts in our field, which translates to quality legal service from an experienced team. In addition, we balance the consequences of each decision with its implications. We will put the needs of your children first while guiding you through the separation or divorce process.

Please contact Positive Solutions Divorce Services for a free consultation with our online mediation specialists for separating couples in Ontario: 888-779-8777.

Separation Mediation Ottawa

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