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You may have to consider a structured sober living home that supports your sobriety after detox from drug and alcohol abuse. At Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery Community, we offer a structured sober living home to help you avoid a relapse. We work with people from all walks of life, and our staff looks forward to assisting you on your sobriety journey. We have the skills to help you towards achieving all your goals. 

Call us today at (512) 598-5165 to join the structured sober living home at Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery Community. 

Why You Should Consider Our Structured Sober Living Home

Our structured sober living home can provide a secure environment for those who have lost their house, jobs, and family support during the time of their addiction. While no one can remain addicted forever, the time required to heal and prepare for the next phase of addiction recovery will vary from person to person.

Therefore, you need to adapt to a new sober lifestyle. It would be best if you also rediscovered what it means to live on a day-by-day basis without drugs or alcohol. If you have a bad situation behind during your time of addiction, we can teach you new skills and master them before returning home. There are many benefits of residing in our structured sober living home.

  • You’ll have the chance to build a sober support network that can last a lifetime.
  • You’ll receive 24/7 supports from our residents and staff who have the same goal as you.
  • Our structured sober living home will ease your transition to life outside the house.
  • You’ll have access to additional therapy and 12 Step meetings if necessary for healing and growth.
  • We’ll teach you how to be accountable for your actions- something you might not have had since your addiction started. 

What To Expect At Our Structured Sober Living Austin

 You can expect lots of life skill development when you stay at our structured sober living home. We have a group of like-minded men or women that will help you explore the world through fun activities, which promote life skills training and your overall well-being. You can expect the following during our structured sober living:

  • Yoga sessions to promote mindfulness and mitigate stress
  • Ideal career placements and job assistance to uncover strengths 
  • Community activities such as paintball or ski trips
  • Personal accountability for positive outlooks, progress, and growth
  • Tutoring to gain knowledge for career opportunities and improve personal finances

Getting Into A Structured Sober Living

Hickory Wind Ranch Recovery Community is not your usual after-care sober living house. We also provide a sober living environment that offers a more structured program to learn what it takes to recover from alcohol and drug addiction truly. If you want to learn more about what a day in the life of our structured sober living home looks like, contact us today at (512) 598-5165 to speak with one of our staff who will assist you through the journey.

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