Ending a marriage is probably one of the most difficult, stressful and emotionally draining experiences one can go through. How do you take care of yourself while attempting to navigate the sea of change and transition you are facing? There is life after a divorce and it is important to love and care for yourself while you are coping with all this change! Here are some tips to help you stay balanced and healthy during this time:

1. Get Plenty of Rest
It easier said than done when you are under so much pressure and stress, however we can all better cope with life’s challenges when we have allowed our body some restorative sleep. If you are struggling, speak to your doctor.

2. Exercise
Exercise is always good for us, sometimes working up a good sweat pays extra dividends! If you go for a good work out, it can help to increase endorphin levels, improve your immune system and simply help to clear away pent up tension in the body. Besides, you will not only feel better, but you will look great!

3. Change your Routine
Change things up! Go new places. Try new things. Connect with your community in groups and make new friends, try new hobbies. You will feel much less isolated if you seek to have new social connections.

4. Begin a Gratitude Journal
This could be a challenge at first. Start a small, daily record one thing that you are grateful for today. This will help to keep you optimistic about your future and help you keep your mind in the present as opposed to ruminating about the past.

5. Reach out to Family and Friends
Let them know what you need in terms of support. They will want to help you need to communicate to them how they can best be of help to you. Be brave and tell them what you need.

6. Re-Invent Yourself
Start by doing things like getting a new haircut, finding a new hobby. Define who you are as an individual again.

7. Resist Self Medicating
When we are under a lot of stress, it can be very tempting to reach for that extra glass of wine, or to use other substances to “take the edge off”. This is not helpful and with the emotional roller coaster you are on, it will only exaggerate your symptoms. Wait until you feel more emotionally stable before you indulge.

​9. Meditate
Spend some quiet time with yourself, get quiet in your mind and get back in touch with your inner voice. If this is new territory, search the internet for meditation classes in your community or search YouTube for some guided ones. Taking 5-7 minutes a day can be extremely helpful to help reduce stress and mental fogginess.

10. Seek Help
This is a very challenging time for anyone and seeking help is very wise, rather than trying to go it alone. There are many support groups out there, seek a good therapist and speak to your doctor about other resources.