Online Mediation Services for Separating Couples in Ontario

Reviews and Testimonials

“When I met with Jennifer and Michael they had each retained a lawyer to help settle the terms of their separation. In a period of five years they had spent over $60,000 in legal fees and had yet to receive a Separation Agreement.

After meeting with Jennifer and Michael for a total of 5 hours, they came to a full agreement on all terms of their separation including property, parenting and support obligations. After five years, they had a fair, equitable Agreement completed in less than one month and they spent less than $4,000. Positive Solutions Divorce Services helped Jennifer and Michael to maintain an amicable relationship which they still maintain to this day.”

“Steve and Maria were informed by their mortgage brokers that they needed a Separation Agreement to obtain final approval for their mortgages. Maria was keeping the matrimonial home and Steve was purchasing a new condo. Steve’s possession date was scheduled for the third week in March.

Steve and Maria had a full Agreement completed in less than 3 weeks from our initial meeting. Steve and Maria’s financing was approved! Steve took possession of his new home 2 months later and Maria was able to refinance the mortgage and stay in the matrimonial home!”

“The emotional effects of Alex and Stephanie’s separation was overwhelming and Alex took stress leave from work in early April. Alex was trying to keep it all together but he found that the court documents and other issues involving property and finances was extremely overwhelming.

Our professionals provided Alex and Stephanie with a step by step guide to help them through the process. We provided them with the information and resources they needed to work together to create an equitable Agreement. Working with Positive Solutions Divorce Services took the stress out of their separation and Alex was back to work within 5 weeks of our initial meeting.”

“Joe and Andrea contacted Positive Solutions Divorce Services in 2014 to inquire about our services, however Andrea decided to hire a lawyer and proceed through litigation. After 2 years and over $120,000 in combined legal fees they had lost their house and their relationship was destroyed. When they ran out of money to pay their lawyers, Andrea finally agreed to use our services.

Although they had to be in separate rooms, Joe and Andrea came to a full agreement on all terms of their separation including property, parenting and support after only 3 meetings. Although it was an extremely difficult situation, Joe and Andrea could now focus on co-parenting their 2 daughters and start healing from their grueling court battle.”

“Brian and Sue separated in February 2015. They had a fairly amicable separation and they created their own Separation Agreement. They filed for divorce in March of 2016 because Brian was getting re-married in July. Their divorce application was rejected because of inappropriate support and residential arrangements for their children.

Needless to say, Brian was quite stressed out. Positive Solutions Divorce Services provided information to Brian and Sue about the laws around parenting and support and explained why their divorce application was rejected. After reviewing their existing Agreement, Positive Solutions Divorce Services helped make the amendments required by the court. Brian refiled the Divorce Application in enough time to receive a divorce order and he was married in July.”

Client Testimonials

“Bev was always attentive, patient, informed, and understanding. She was the perfect balance between being empathetic to our individual needs, and positive towards assisting us with a resolution. Bev always maintained a professional, objective point of view towards both of us, and I always felt that she had our best interests at heart.”

“From the very first visit, our mediator Bev Lewis, was warm, calm, positive, and knowledgeable, while maintaining an objective, professional position with each of us. I felt that her empathy was genuine, as she herself had experienced similar circumstances. Despite this personally challenging time, through mediation, we were able to agree upon financial and custody solutions, in a timely and cost effective manner. I would highly recommend the mediation services of Positive Solutions Divorce Services.”

“After a sixteen year marriage, we decided that we were no longer ”good” to each other and agreed that ultimately it would be best to separate. The prospect of a divorce and being on our own was less frightening than the unknown “legal” aspects of what was to come. We wanted to salvage any shred of a relationship that we had left for our daughter’s sake, and arguing over a $50 coffee table with $350.00/hr. lawyers just seemed ridiculous. At that point we found Positive Solutions Divorce Services. They were kind, understanding and patient, but most of all fair-minded and unbiased. Bev sat with us…explained to us…reasoned with us…and helped us to come out of this sad, dark time feeling hopeful. We are extremely grateful for the professional, yet human way in which Bev helped us. We hope that she will help you the same way she did us….”

“Recently I had a consultation with Bev on behalf of a family member who is going through some trying personal times. Bev was very informative, and her advice and caring demeanor was wonderful. I would have no problem recommending Bev to anyone who needs the services of her company. Thank you Bev.“

Professionals Testimonials

“In the evolution of Family Law, and specifically in the field of divorce/separation mediation, Positive Solutions Divorce Services exhibits leadership in Ontario with intentions to expand across Canada. The manner in which their services are being offered to the public, their comprehensive approaches and the integrity of their program is a positive addition as a service option for couples in transition.”

(Ernest G. Tannis, Ottawa, Ontario, is an internationally-renowned Canadian author, Solicitor, Family Law Mediator, Collaborative Family Law Lawyer, Speaker and Pioneer in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Mediation and Negotiation.)

“As an advocate of joint resolution, I applaud Bev for her efforts to assist people through her comprehensive mediation program. Her approach allows a couple to share responsibility for creating a fair resolution while providing them predictability for the process. Bev’s compassion and concern for helping people during the challenging time of separation causes the customer to arrive at my office for Independent Legal Advice feeling empowered and committed to the solution they have developed. Bev has truly created an environment for positive solutions.”

“We have had the pleasure to work with Bev and her clients for years and have always found her referrals to be very well informed about the collaborative process. Bev ensures that all necessary documentation is complete and accurate for both her clients and our firm, and we are always able to achieve a positive result with her clients given the strong foundation she has prepared for them.”