Bev Lewis chats with:

Joanna Shaw- Children’s Lawyer and Founder of JMS Law 

Bev Lewis, Founder and President of Positive Divorce Services and Joanna Shaw, a Family and Child Lawyer, discuss the effects of a divorce on children and the benefits of involving a children’s lawyer. Joanna has a unique role as she represents the voice of the children in family law disputes. Her firm encourages separating parents to be always aware of their children’s perspective and to negotiate from a place of mindfulness and compassion.

To learn more or to contact Joanna Shaw,
visit her website: www.jmslaw.ca
or via Instagram @jmslaw.ca

In this Episode You will learn….

• More about Joanna Shaw. 0:44

• The effect of separation on children. 1:15

• The advantage of having a lawyer for the child. 4:17

• How a lawyer would handle an abusive situation. 5:25

• The relationship between the lawyer and the child. 5:20

• The sense of justice that is natural to children. 6:28

• Do children have to go to court? 6:56

• The role of the child’s lawyer. 7:22

• Why it is inappropriate for a child to take a stand in court. 9:21

• The challenges children have when faced with a decision. 10:23

• How a good lawyer would elicit information from a child. 11:35

• How to find a children’s lawyer. 12:34

• How a child’s lawyer can be helpful in negotiating a mediated settlement. 14:30

• How a good lawyer represents “The Voice of the Child”. 17:15

• The power of being able to hear a child’s true feelings. 18:44

• Why children are so inspiring to work with. 19:47

• The importance of separating parents maintaining a healthy relationship with their children. 21:10

• The right of children to be able to have both parents in their life. 20:45

• The advice Joanna gives to separating parents. 21:54

• The importance of having the children’s voices heard. 22:52

• Be careful when choosing your lawyer. 23:59