Bev Lewis chats with:

Aviva Abraham- Independent Insurance Advisor

Aviva is an Insurance Advisor with Creative Planning Financial Group. To find out more about Aviva and the services she offers, visit www.planprotectpreserve.ca

In this Episode You will learn….

• When and why life insurance is important when going through a divorce. 3:04

• The factors considered when applying for a life insurance policy. 4:17

• About the duration an insurance plan is required. 5:30

• The importance of speaking to a financial advisor before making any changes to your policies when going through a divorce. 6:32

• If continuing with a joint insurance policy makes sense. 7:02

• The difference between a revocable beneficiary and an irrevocable beneficiary when a policy is used for insuring support payments. 9:42

• How a divorce may affect health and dental insurance and when additional coverage may be needed. 12:44

• The differences between individual and group medical plans and options available. 13:21

• About the options of adjusting your policy as your obligations decrease. 19:32

• The option of allocating multiple beneficiaries in a larger policy. 21:29