Bev Lewis chats with:

Jackie Porter – Certified Financial Planner

Jackie is an award-winning financial planner who has been in the financial industry for the past 18 years and has served over 400 families in professionals in the GTA. One of her specialties is working with individuals who are going through a separation and divorce and want clarity and confidence in their decision making as they go through their journey. Learn more by visiting askjackie.ca

In this Episode You will learn….

• Jackie’s tips for people going through a divorce 1:36

• The importance of having a team to support you and help you get through a divorce 2:10

• Why a Certified Financial Planner should be part of your divorce team 2:33

• What you will need to think about if you are initiating a divorce 2:58

• Why you need a credit report 3:43

• Why you need to know where your money is 4:50

•  How Jackie walks her clients through the divorce process 7:18

• about your financial numbers and how they tell a story 9:01

• How a mediator can help you to get your numbers and information 10:20

• The different types of Financial advisors, and what to look for in an advisor or planner 11:08

• Why you need your “numbers” to make decisions 13:00

• The definition of equalization payments 14:10

• How some women unknowingly sabotage their outcomes 16:10

• How any agreements you make will greatly impact your retirement 19:00

• That many woman in poverty are because of a divorce. 19:48